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Dear neurosurgical colleagues from all over the world,

We are honoured to invite you all to Prague, the heart of Europe, for the 4th MASSIN Interim Meeting in Prague in May 25–27, 2023. The MASSIN – The Madjid Samii Society of International Neurosurgeons – was founded in 2007 by students, collaborators, and friends of M. Samii. In its 16 years of existence, its congresses have become the best that the world of neurosurgery can offer. Unlike the large WFNS events, MASSIN allows friendly, personal contacts and open discussion of all the issues neurosurgery faces at present.

The congress in Prague is attended by top experts from all over the world. The scientific programme guarantees to bring together the most up-to-date knowledge in the field of central and peripheral nervous system, in the skull base, in benign and malignant oncology, in vascular neurosurgery, in spondylosis surgery, in new technologies, robotics and artificial intelligence. The MASSIN includes transtemporal approaches and intensive EC-IC bypass Course.

The contemporary world and neurosurgery, WFNS, addresses a number of challenges. The MASSIN with its programme will contribute to strengthen friendship and international world cooperation of global neurosurgery. The congress is organized by GUARANT International, leader in PCO services in the Czech Republic and the CEE region. GUARANT International is the company that took charge of the office of WFNS from Switzerland to Prague. The 4th MASSIN Interim Meeting is under the auspices of the most prestigious institutions of the Czech Republic, Mayor of Prague, Charles University, Medical Faculties, Czech Medical Association J. E. Purkyně, Czech Neurosurgical Society and others such as the Central European Neurosurgical Society, and especially WFNS.

Prague is one of the most remarkable destinations, it is one of the safest and friendliest cities with the best public transport in the world. With Charles University, one of the oldest in Europe, Prague offers exceptional historical and cultural experiences. In the field of architecture, it is hundreds of churches. In the field of music, it is A. Dvořák, B. Smetana, L. Janáček, B. Martinů. There are numerous museums and galleries presenting famous artists such as A. Mucha. Prague is the city of well-known writers F. Kafka and J. Hašek with his Good Soldier Švejk. It is the city of thousands of restaurants and great culinary experiences, and the best beer and wine. The 4th MASSIN Interim Meeting in Prague will be great opportunities for the participants to experience the atmosphere of medieval Prague in the area of the famous Charles Bridge and the Royal Route where kings, queens, their knights and courtiers walked to coronation ceremonies in St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle.

Don't miss the exceptional, unique neurosurgical event in Prague, in the heart of Europe. Your participation will make the meeting enjoyable and unforgettable.

Martin Smrčka
Congress President
of the 4th Massin Interim Meeting
Martin Sameš
Chair of the Scientific Committee
of the 4th Massin Interim Meeting
Eduard Zvěřina
Honorary President
of the 4th Massin Interim Meeting


The 4th Massin Interim Meeting is a MedTech Europe Compliant Meeting.

More information can be found here.


The 4th Massin Interim Meeting is accredited by EACCME and Czech Medical Chamber.

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