Detailed preliminary programme

Thursday, December 1, 2016

PRAGUE room (A-B-C)


Opening ceremony
R. Češka (Czech Republic)
J. Widimský jr. (Czech Republic)


Metabolic syndrome and epidemiology
Chair: R. Cífková (Czech Republic)

Metabolic surgery effects and post bariatric treatment
D. Dicker (Israel)

The decrease in CHD mortality in the Czech Republic and its causes
R. Cífková (Czech Republic)

Prospective study of Slovak forty-year old population – cardiovascular mortality and morbidity after ten years of follow-up
K. Rašlová (Slovakia)

Physical activity in the prevention of cardiovascular disease: is there a J curve?
D. Lović (Serbia)


Heart failure
Chair: J. Murín (Slovakia)

Heart failure – the task for internist. Current pharmacological treatment.
J. Murín (Slovakia)

Complex approach to the treatment of acute heart failure
J. Bělohlávek (Czech Republic)

11:30–12:00 Coffee break
12:00–12:30 Industry sponsored symposium
12:30–13:00 Lunch break

How to implement the knowledge of CVD risk in patients with RA into clinical practice
Chair: A. G. Semb (Norway)

Cardiovascular risk evaluation and CVD in patients with RA
A. G. Semb (Norway)

Management of CV risk and disease in RA
S. Rollefstad (Norway)

Guidelines for CVD prevention in inflammatory joint diseases
T. R. Pedersen (Norway)


Chair: V. Tesař (Czech Republic)

EMPA_REG Outcome and other antidiabetic drugs – the view of nephrologist
V. Tesař (Czech Republic), Ch. Wanner (Germany)

NOACs in patients with renal impairment
J. Vachek (Czech Republic)

15:30–15:45 Coffee break

Fixed combination in internal medicine
Chairs: M. Banach (Poland), J. Widimský jr. (Czech Republic)

Fixed combination: A modern approach for better compliance
M. Banach (Poland)

Fixed combination in hypertension: Gold standard in the treatment
J. Widimský jr. (Czech Republic)


Top stories in internal medicine
Chairs: V. Kokorin (Russia), M. Mamedov (Russia)

Top stories in internal medicine
J. Václavík (Czech Republic)

Polypill: Pros and cons
M. Mamedov (Russia)

Acute coronary syndromes and diabetes mellitus: links and feature
V. Kokorin (Russia)


Thursday, December 1, 2016

PRAGUE room (D)


Young internists
Chairs: J. Škrha jr. (Czech Republic), J. Václavík (Czech Republic)

Challenging clinical case
J. Václavík (Czech Republic)

European education in internal medicine. Recommendation from UEMS.
J. Škrha jr. (Czech Republic)

Potential use of circulating microRNAs in the clinical practice
J. Novák (Czech Republic)


ScreenPro FH Symposium

New Therapies for Hyperlipidemias in Clinical Practise
Focused on FH and other genetically determined HLPs

Familial hypercholesterolemia – an overview (diagnosis and screening)
R. Češka (Czech Republic)

Statin intolerance
M. Banach (Poland)

15:30–15:45 Coffee break

Severe FH
T. Freiberger (Czech Republic)

M. Ezhov (Russia)

Reports from selected countires


Friday, December 2, 2016

PRAGUE room (A-B-C)


Chair: J. Widimský jr. (Czech Republic)

Fibromuscular dysplasia in clinical practice: Current experience from the European network
A. Persu (Belgium)

Non-pharmacological approach to the therapy of severe hypertension
J. Widimský jr. (Czech Republic)


Stroke: A challenge for internal medicine
Chair: M. Táborský (Czech Republic)

Endovascular therapy of acute ischemic stroke
P. Widimský (Czech Republic)

Prevention of stroke. Focused on hypertension, dysipidemia smoking and...
M. Vrablík (Czech Republic)

Atrial fibrillation and stroke
M. Táborský (Czech Republic)

11:00–11:30 Coffee break
11:30–12:30 Industry sponsored symposium
12:30–13:00 Break

Chair: P. Nilsson (Sweden)

Drug treatment of type 2 diabetes
P. Nilsson (Sweden)

Complications of type 2 diabetes
J. Škrha jr. (Czech Republic)

Lipid modification in type 1 diabetic patients
S. Savla (United Kingdom)


Clinical lipidology
Chair: T. Pedersen (Norway)

Lipid lowering in the light of clinical trials
T. Pedersen (Norway)

Current treatment with lipid lowering drugs
R. Češka (Czech Republic)

Recent treatment of familial chylomicronemia
T. Štulc (Czech Republic)

15:00–15:15 Coffee break

General internal medicine
Chair: M. Durusu Tanriover (Turkey), R. Češka (Czech Republic)

Adult vaccination in Europe
M. Durusu Tanriover (Turkey)

Compliance: The new problem of internal medicine
R. Češka (Czech Republic)

Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and Hodgkin's lymphoma
– an unlikely connection

C. F. G. Canelas (Portugal)


Intensive care in internal medicine
Chair: K. Cvachovec (Czech Republic)

Intensive care in internal medicine. The view of anesthesiologist.
K. Cvachovec (Czech Republic)

Hypertensive crisis treatment
T. Janota (Czech Republic)


Closing ceremony
R. Češka (Czech Republic)
J. Widimský jr. (Czech Republic)


Friday, December 2, 2016

PRAGUE room (D)


Free Communication – Varia, Rheumatology and CVD
Chairs: E. Belousova (Russia), O. Boeva (Russia)

Digestive tract pathology of patients with gout
M. Petrova (Russia)

Score in gout patients in Yakutsk
M. Petrova (Russia)

Frequency of Inflammatory Back Pain and Structural Changes of Axial Skeleton in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
E. Belousova (Russia)

Clinical Predictors of Outcomes in Calcific Aortic Valve Disease
O. Boeva (Russia)


Free Communication – General internal medicine
Chairs: J. Galuszka (Czech Republic), J. Magallanes Gamboa (Spain)

Adverse effects of spironolactone during long-term treatment of resistant arterial hypertension
J. Václavík (Czech Republic)

Sensitivity and specificity of fecal NGAL in the management of Crohn's disease patients
D. Abdulganieva (Russia)

Mitral valve prolapse – the results of 15 years observation
O. Nikolin (Russia)

Hydration Matters – A Quality Improvement Project for Improving Intravenous fluid prescribing practices and documentation in line with NICE CG174 guidance
O. Husain (United Kingdom)

Plasma lipidomic profiling in patients with cardiac arrhythmias
J. Galuszka (Czech Republic)

Determinant factors of the mortality for pneumonia in a service of Internal Medicine
J. Magallanes Gamboa (Spain)


Free Communication – Hypertension
Chairs: V. Gafarov (Russia), B. Štrauch (Czech Republic)

Can the addition of statins to antihypertensive monotherapy replace combination treatment in some hypertensive patients?
D. Nebieridze (Russia)

Gender features in risk of hypertension in population with depression in Russia/Siberia: WHO epidemiological program MONICA-psychosocial
V. Gafarov (Russia)

Home BP telemonitoring system with data transmitted to a physician's office
J. Mužík (Czech Republic)

Influence of metabolic syndrome on course of arterial hypertension with the position of evaluation the central aortic pressure and arterial stiffness
L. Andreeva (Russia)

Patient's noncompliance with the antihypertensive treatment – a frequent cause of resistant hypertension
B. Štrauch (Czech Republic)

Descriptive study to evaluate patients with chest pain admitting to Preliminary Care Unit (PCU) D G H Ampara, Sri Lanka
N. Hettiarachchi (Sri Lanka)


Free Communication – Metabolic syndrome
Chairs: M. Szántová (Slovakia), N. Hettiarachchi (Sri Lanka)

The frequency of the main factors of risk for CHD in women in different age groups
F. Gasimova (Azerbaijan)

Epidemiologic survey of lifestyle factors in Slovak outpatients
M. Szántová (Slovakia)

A community based study to assess the prevalence of Non Communicable Diseases and their risk factors among rural population of Sri Lanka
S. Manilgama (Sri Lanka)

Descriptive study to evaluate the risk of Metabolic Syndrome among health staff members at District General Hospital Ampara, Sri Lanka
N. Hettiarachchi (Sri Lanka)

A community based study to assess the awareness of Non-Communicable Diseases among rural population of Sri Lanka
S. Manilgama (Sri Lanka)


Free Communication – Atherosclerosis, Heart failure, Hyperlipidemia and dyslipidemia, Stroke
Chairs: J. Hubáček (Czech Republic), G. Dori (Israel)


Analysis of risk factors and characteristics of genetic predisposition and clinical–angiographic manifestations of atherosclerosis in patient with ischemic organ damage without stenotic vascular damage
H. Shabalina (Russia)

Atherosclerosis and Chronic Kidney Disease
E. Moubarak (Lebanon)

Internist's view on the problem of cardiovascular patient's preparation for operations
A. Artemova (Russia)

Heart failure

Left ventricular end systolic and diastolic volumes and ejection fraction in patients with heart failure and preserved ejection fraction – meta-analysis, graphic presentation and their relation with concentric hypertrophy
G. Dori (Israel)

Hyperlipidemia and dyslipidemia

Common polymorphisms as strong predictors of hypertriglyceridemia in Czech population
J. Hubáček (Czech Republic)


Amidolytic activity of haemostasis factors activated from zymogens in plasma under influence of stroke peptide pool
T. Katrii (Ukraine)


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